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Note: Check back here often as we arrange discounts from more local businesses!

Dues for Membership - SHS is a non-profit organization and your dues go towards funding our next planned event, website hosting fees, PO Box fee, mailing and stationery costs and other supplies. Also, monies raised in excess of our needs may be donated to a Scottish-related charity such as the Children's Hospice Association Scotland and/or used for awards and sponsorships to encourage and promote Scottish activities and traditions at the local level.  

Special SHS Project  - Read about our historic Scottish Memorial project here (link to PDF).   You can donate an amount of your choosing via check/mail (see the PDF above) or through the button below, via debit/credit card or your  Paypal account.

Other Membership benefits include:

- Mount Hope Cemetery - SHS members may apply for a grave site in the New Scottish Burial Plot in Mount Hope Cemetery if they meet certain eligibility criteria. Download PDF to learn more.

- A 10% discount on kilt-making at

Renowned kilt-maker Hazel Stewart will help you find the perfect tartan, choose the best style of attire, get properly measured, and then ship directly to you – ready to wear.