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Our Society was founded in 1994 in Rochester, NY. Our members include Scots and non-Scots alike who have embraced this colorful heritage. Our desire is to unite and inform those in the Rochester, NY area of upcoming events of interest.
       Our purposes are:

  • To perpetuate Scottish traditions and culture.

  • To promote the establishment and growth of clan societies and Scottish organizations.

  • To encourage and support Scottish activities.

Board of Directors

President - Andrew Allan
Vice President - Craig Barclay
Treasurer - Bonnie MacLeod
Recording Secretary -  Holly Warren
Corresponding Secretary - Bonnie MacLeod

Other Board Members:

Steve MacLeod / Jane Shafer / Peter Cormack  Elizabeth McDade / Lori Pringle Garratt

Rochester Scottish Pipes & Drums Liaison:  Scotty Montcrieff


Burns Night -  Andrew Allan

Tartan Day Dinner - Craig Barclay

Kirkin' O' The Tartan - Scotty Moncrieff

Picnic - Bonnie MacLeod
St. Andrew's Dinner - Holly Warren
Membership - Bonnie MacLeod

Festival Tent - Craig Barclay

New Scottish Burial Plot - Elizabeth McDade

Social Media - Jane Shafer

Promotions - Lori Pringle Garrat
Society Piper - Steve MacLeod