A Hundred Thousand Welcomes!

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Thank You ! 

On behalf of the board of the Rochester Scottish Heritage Society, we'd like to thank you for the time, energy and effort that you put into your presentation at the Virtual Burns Dinner

The response from those in attendance, which was some 57+ families, was overwhelming and is still pouring in!  In addition to the Rochester area, you entertained people from California to Florida to Eastern Pennsylvania to Canada.  
The poems that you chose, discussed and read were wonderfully delivered and warmly received.
The jokes really helped to keep the evening light and fun.
The piping was outstanding!
The Immortal Memory really touched people.

One of the wonderful bonus effects of the Virtual presentation is that we've received comments about children who saw the event and were engaged in learning more about family.

None of us knows what 2021 has in store for us, but you really helped get this year off to a great start. 

We'll stay in touch with future ROCScots events.

We don't know exactly what form our Tartan Day Celebration (early April) will take, but are cautiously optimistic that we can hold our annual picnic in July.

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Again, thank you for taking your time to support the Scottish experience in Western NY!

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